The Trap is a place where both the buyer and the seller are caught with their fists in a jar: easy entries, impossible exits. 

The Trap, seeded in Atlanta, Georgia, is the geographical space of marginalized people in low-income neighborhoods who create opportunities out of nothing. 

The Trap is a mental and spiritual cyclical abyss that is created from internalizing  external, abject conditions that one is surrounded by.

The Trap is home to a revolutionary sound that transformed music and culture as a whole. Artists, companies, and brands globally have profited from the incorporation of the elements of TRAP; this new societal genre is weaved into the fabric of their modern language: entertainment, fitness, fashion, education, religion, etc. It’s been capitalized upon tenfold. All the while, many of the Black youth that created Trap Culture are still living in the same abject conditions that the genre was born out of. 

TRAP HEALS flipped the script on the play. Our manifesto is simple: heal the trap within to heal the trap without. Using the same culture that raised us to bring awareness and celebrate the creativity and entrepreneurship that it instills., 

We exist to create dope initiatives that promote healing. 

  • Invest in the deep-rooted movements that intentionally hold space for culture to be produced + shared organically. 

  • Build new models to combat capitalism. 

  • Bring the ROI back into the trap to break the chains of the cycle. 

We are healing from the inside out and from the ground up. 

We are the plugs that grew from concrete.